Leading in unsettling times.

In conversation with.... Sarah Hindle, GM at Tech Futures Lab

These uncertain and changing times require a type of leadership that centres on heart and empathy. We’re only half a year into a new decade and it's become clear already that there is a necessity to re-evaluate and redesign much of what we had become accustomed to over the past 20 years. Technology is well embedded into our everyday lives, the reality of globalisation is starting to show some cracks in its concept and it’s no longer just about ‘the work, the work, the work’ - we’re realising it’s also about how we feel in our workplaces, how we engage with our colleagues and what meaning ‘work’ adds to our lives.

During lockdown, these new values we are seeking from the workplace became more apparent as we dealt with the convergence of our personal lives with professional ones. The demarcation between our work selves and our home selves was blurred and this called for a new recognition that we’re cognitively the same person, be it at home or at work, so therefore leadership needs to connect with these basic human instincts of heart and empathy.

To this, our GM, Sarah Hindle, had the pleasure of attending an online event run by Russell Pickering from The Pickering Group “The End of the Beginning”, during Level 4 lockdown.

This sounds ominous but in fact it was an incredibly heartfelt call for leaders to connect more with their teams and their own vulnerabilities as we learn to navigate our way forward in this immediate post-Covid environment and beyond into a new future of work.

Sarah took away 5 key points:

1. Know your own #values, and lead with them. It's easier to follow them 100% of the time than break them occasionally.

2. Put #people at the "centre of your daisy" - #empathy, #trust and #compassion are key leadership qualities - not just for now.

3. Leaders need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable - #vulnerability is essential

4. The value of perspective - the #lockdown has highlighted the importance of #reflection and the value that comes from it

5. #burnout watch-out - if you're feeling exhausted, with increased cynicism and your professional efficacy is reduced, this could be you. Reach out.

So this is our reverb on that call to all leaders out there - be it in business, in community, in social circles and in your own family. Remember what this is all about - it's about people working together or apart, for now or for tomorrow, to continue and ensure the ongoing success of humanity. Fairly existential yes. But if we can step back and realise that we are all connected in a web of reliance on one another, that we’re not not senseless machines but people who feel real emotion, we’ll build better stronger teams that can move us into a brighter future.

You can watch The Pickering Group’s “End of the Beginning” webinar 1hr session here: https://thepickeringgroup.com/resource/the-end-of-the-beginning/


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