Take a sneak peek at the first week of our Master's programme...

“There is a real sense of genuine openness and collaboration, both within the group and the experts that come in to speak, as we cover a whole array of topics and hear all about the opportunities change brings. It’s refreshing and rare to get this in an MBA.”

This week we welcomed another group of intelligent, curious and driven individuals onto our Master of Applied Practice - Technological Futures programme. As always, we are inspired by the diversity of thought and the big ideas the group has arrived with.

Off with a bang

From day one our candidates begin the process of broadening their perspective and taking their big ideas to powerful realities.

The immersion phase of the programme, which runs for the first 12 weeks, sees the candidates explore a wide variety of topics around exponential and emerging technologies, new business models and strategies, business set-up, funding, ideation and design thinking and much more. Along the way they encounter experts from every side of business and innovation, as well as industry leaders who share real life stories of business venture realities, challenges and triumphs.

Where were we 10 years ago? Where are we today?

From day one our candidates joined Frances Valintine to have their eyes opened to how business is evolving and the role of digital transformation. Taking the group through macro and micro trends, both in New Zealand and abroad, Frances offered a view into how our world has changed in the last 10 years and where we're at today.

This is a world where digital humans are becoming commonplace, where technology drives how we interact and consume, where the collaborative economy has become the norm, global demographics are shifting towards digital natives born post-internet, and lean and agile business models are finding significant success. Priti Ambani took this topic further, sharing insights into exponential business models and how they thrive in today's world, also exploring the power of the crowd through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

Our week was wrapped up with Rich Rowley, Education Director at The Mind Lab, who took the group for their first innovation focused session on growth mindset, mindfulness and mental models - all crucial elements for making bold moves and taking calculated risks.

Learning from those who've done it

An especially valuable part of this programme that we hear candidates talk about all the time is the access to industry. Every week we welcome in a number of people from all sectors at all stages and levels of business to share their real world experience and stories from the ground.

What is it really like to start a business and have it fail? How do you break into international markets? What do you wish you knew when you started? How did you respond to this road block in your path? Our candidates have the opportunity to ask any burning questions and dive into what it really takes to run a successful business in the 21st century.

This week we welcomed Dave Coles, Growth Manager for 90 Seconds - the cloud video creation platform, and Toby Litton, Co-Founder of Parkable - the app-based parking disruptor. Both explored what it was to work in a fast paced and forward thinking start-up, including the importance of partnering with the right people, the reality of funding, growing at scale, and the surprises you encounter along the way (who knew China would be your first global market?).

What's coming next - why we do what we do

Connected by a common thread of wanting to change tact, diversify their expertise and career and dive into a new project, the cohort are powered by curiosity and a drive to ‘find their why’. They have just begun on a year-long journey to absorb as much knowledge as they can, and embark on their own venture - whether that is within their organisation or their own research or business project.

Tech Futures Lab was built on the understanding that to thrive today we need to invest in lifelong learning, open our eyes to how the world is changing, and make brave but informed decisions to create, invent and innovate. We're excited to where our March cohort goes next.

Stay tuned! Follow us on our social channels @TechFuturesLab, and if you're interested in what we do come on in for coffee and a chat.


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