Breaking it down: information security and why we should care

This week at Tech Futures Lab we dove into an increasingly crucial topic that cannot be overlooked: information security. As our world becomes more and more connected, and we rely on computer systems and the internet every day in our professional and personal lives, the importance of security is only growing.

Taking us through the topic was Erica Anderson, an expert on practices, risks and strategy having worked for the likes of Xero and EY in security teams, and Laura Bell, founder of Safestack, the agile application security services business.

Need to know basis: risks, strategy and tools

Kicking off this component of the programme was a session on core concepts, with insight into processes, what could go wrong and where to put your money when it comes to security. Erica also touched on the importance of preparing from the get-go and the fact that even the biggest companies we hear about make small, smart security decisions every day. She used Tesla Motors as an example of a company that understands the importance of protecting their ideas and maintaining the trust of their customers if they want to maintain momentum.

This was followed by a deeper look into minimum security requirements - focusing on types and data, including how to use and handle it, legislation and laws that is based on this data, and how to control your risks.

Capping off the week the candidates spent a session on how to plan for the worst, good data availability hygiene and what to do when managing an incident. Erica and Laura also gave the group a whole host of helpful tools and sources to use, and where to keep up with security news.

Gathering evidence and strenghtening ideas

Having accomplished the first phase of their project plan, the June cohort are now diving into the next phase, which is all about using evidence and research to ascertain the viability of their idea.

This Friday was spent with Summer Hendry, Knowledge Specialist from Unitec's Library and Learnin Commons. With invaluable knowledge on researching, Summer took the group through the databases and library resources available to them.

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