Level up! Tech Futures Lab Feb '17 Master's candidates complete phase one

Congratulations are in order for our Master’s candidates! Our February ’17 cohort has made it to the end of the first 12 weeks of the programme and are gearing up to launch into the next phase of the course.

The first phase, from weeks 1-12, has had the group onsite at the Tech Futures Lab headquarters diving into a wide variety of topics. They took a closer look at emerging and disruptive technologies and new business models and strategies, all the while developing, testing and refining their own project plan.

In the lead-up to completing their final report, this week the candidates pitched their project plan to the group – bringing together all they’ve absorbed during their time here and tying it into their particular area of focus. We heard pitches that spanned a range of industries, target audiences and approaches, but have all come a long way from the first seed of their idea.

Nutting it down to a question… and figuring out how to answer it

In order to hone in on their area of focus, in their pitch the candidates posed a project question and the methodologies they would take to answer it. Nutting down a vast bank of information and proposed ideas into a brief presentation, let alone a single question, can be a challenge, but our candidates rose to meet it.

From platforms to share knowledge, to using data to empower those without a voice, to enabling communities and offering much needed services, the pitches and plans were diverse, but shared a few similar traits: they were well thought out, robust, clear, adaptable and born out of genuine interest and passion.

Where we've come from, and where to next

It's clear to see how the past 12 weeks have helped to inform the candidate's ideas - whether that means taking strategies from the sharing economy, to highlighting the importance of data security, to acknowledging the potential use-cases of artificial intelligence and blockchain, to fleshing out ideas with the likes of the design sprint.

After this week our candidates enter into the next phase of the course: implementation. Over the next 38 weeks the group will begin to roll out their project plan, engaging with stakeholders; collaborating with peers and experts; developing their platform, service or product; and adapting, pivoting and refining their idea as they go.

We'll keep you up to date with how the group is going here and on our social media. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and sign up to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page. If you're interested in our Master's programme, find more information here or come along to one of our Career 3.0 seminars, taking place this May.


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