A look under the hood of NZ agritech and media

What's New Zealand without its agriculture industry? Considered a backbone of this country, the agriculture and farming sector is undergoing significant change in New Zealand and abroad, and facing massive disruption thanks to advancements in connectivity and biotech.

This week we teamed up with experts in this field (no pun intended) to look at the likes of synthetic meat and milk, how age-old methods are changing, and how farming tech itself is advancing.

Alongside this, with our candidate's final presentations just around the corner, we spent a day learning the ins and outs of a perfect pitch and went behind the scenes of the media industry.

What's next, meat from a tube?

What's next, meat from a tube?

What's next, meat from a tube?

This week Dr Rosie Bosworth, a food and agriculture thought-leader, shared her insights into agriculture 2.0 renegades, and how these are paving the way towards a revolutionised and sustainable food system. In her eyes, digital agriculture and distributed farming methods have come not a moment too soon.

Steven Dooley and Brendan O'Connell from Tru-Test came in to chat about the evolution of farming technology and how connectivity and automation is evolving age-old methods and approaches to farming livestock.

Also joining us this week for our morning Tech News Conversations was Joey Faust from Air New Zealand, and Vincent Heeringa, who is a entrepreneur with many years of experience in media and advertising.

Vincent shared stories from his colourful past, including launching media brands such as Idealog and Good magazine, and helping to establish Tangible Media.

As Product Manager – Customer Shared Services at Air NZ, Joey knows all about connecting with customers through digital experiences. He told us about his journey with Oscar, the new chatbot helper and the latest innovative venture from Air NZ.

Capturing an audience

On Thursday this week we welcomed in Andrew Patterson, presenter, speaker, coach, radio extraordinaire, as well as Bronwyn Millar, PR expert and General Manager Wellington at Acumen Republic.

These two have extensive experience on both sides of the media industry – journalism and public relations. Diving into the different elements of media, including telling your story, the basics and benefits of nailing your pitch, and some fascinating insights into what New Zealanders trust the most, our candidates were able to prepare before their final presentations – taking place next week.

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