Future proof your skills. 

Sharpen your edge.

At Tech Futures Lab we offer short courses that are industry certified and support you to expand your skills and evolve in the ever changing technology and business landscape.

Our Learning Sprints take you, or your team, through intensive, hands-on workshops to provide a toolkit of contemporary frameworks that respond to immediate business needs.

Current courses

Short Course: Salesforce

If only we had a dollar for every time we were asked if we knew of any good Salesforce developers. Salesforce is running HOT, and now has almost 20% of the global CRM market. But like all trending tech, there is a massive shortage of people who truly know their Salesforce stuff. But that’s not you, right? By putting a few hours aside each week over a few months, you’ll head to the top of the leaderboard. 

Go you! One smart decision to get Salesforce certified puts you in the ‘hot property’ category. Watch as hundreds of new job opportunities open up for you.

Salesforce Certified Administrator

Learning Sprint: Product Management
Create products that customers love

Exceptional product management is insight driven, placing the customer at the heart of any development or innovation decisions. 


Businesses and organisations are recognising the importance of the Product Manager as pivotal in creating products and services customers love. There’s increased emphasis on recruiting, retaining and developing Product Managers who can operate strategically and tactically, delve into the tech and data while keeping an empathetic vision in mind at all times.

If you’re a Product Manager who wants to strengthen your skills, top up your knowledge and take your career to the next level, our Product Management Learning Sprint is for you.

Learning Sprint:

Product Management

Learning Sprint: Cultivating Contemporary Workplaces
Shift your thinking from Human Resources to Human Revolution

Legacy models of human resources are outdated. Forward thinking organisations want to evolve HR into new models that create and support transformative business value centred on people.


This learning sprint is for leaders who want to cultivate workplaces which provide inspiration, satisfaction, and fulfilment.

Learning Sprint: Cultivating Contemporary Workplaces

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