The Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the

Digital Economy

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The Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy is an introduction to the possibility of living a whole and fulfilled life, where connection and digital technology amplify conscious focus and unleash human potential for a greater good. 


It offers the space to reflect, consider and create a framework around your purpose, to help steer your choices and focus your skills and energy.  


We connect you to new technologies, thought-provoking speakers and like-minded journeyers as you blend your talent and purpose with well-chosen tools to amplify your impact.

The world around us is changing rapidly and the digital economy is now firmly entrenched.

The cultivation of human potential is essential for the benefits of the digital economy to be fully realised for us as individuals and as a collective, while minimising potential risks to wellbeing. 


The challenges and opportunities the digital economy triggers are in the end, uniquely human ones. In this course you will discover your ability to embrace these challenges and identify the opportunities that resonate deeply with your values and experience, creating the potential for you to flourish.

What makes us different?

We are dedicated to supporting aspirational, unique, whole humans who are discontented with the status quo and unsure of how to inspire change and create meaning across the scope of their influence, whether locally, nationally or globally; whether in the office or in the community; in the city or in nature. We believe in humanity and guardianship above all else, and harnessing the power of the technology that we have created to amplify positive and sustainable impact. 


We are not a one-size-fits-all education provider. We are not interested in flooding the market with cookie cutter  graduates - robots will fulfill that function.


Our programmes embrace diversity, ensuring a future where all humans are involved and valued: those who seek to disrupt the prevailing narrative and drive change as well as those who prefer a considered, holistic approach to positive transformation. 


Our stable of programmes will continue to expand as we continue to champion fruitful human endeavour.

Programme overview

What will you learn?

You will curate frameworks to explore and expand the interconnectedness of systems within your own organisation or community, recognise your purpose and joy and marry that with digitalisation, emerging technologies and societal shifts, allowing you to flourish. 

You and your place within your profession, whānau and community (your practice) is at the centre of the programme’s design and delivery approach.

The realisation of human potential is key to ensuring sustainable intergenerational outcomes for industry, communities and society. This programme will support you to build the skills, capabilities and knowledge required to flourish in the digital economy.


Part-time: 32 weeks


Phase 1

1 evening per week at The Lab (Tuesdays 4pm - 8pm) + 12 hrs/week independent study


Phase 2

16 hrs/week self-directed study. 2 workshops and + 3 presentations held onsite. See programme handbook for full details.


Next start date

11 February 2020



Onsite component - Newmarket, Auckland.


Programme type

Postgraduate, Level 8, 60 credits.


Places available

Max 50 candidates per intake

Key areas of focus

  • Understand the impact of advancing technology, how that intertwines with societal and environmental shifts, whilst carving out your role in the digital economy.

  • Develop sustainable, well-considered initiatives based on the rapidly changing environment you currently live in and will need to thrive in, going into the future.

  • Build your confidence in your tools and capability to evaluate information and escape from “information overwhelm.”

  • Align your personal purpose and skills to unleash your potential in the digital economy.

Success will be defined to mean the achievement of harmony in life, where things will bring genuine, sustainable benefit to the individual and the collective; and by collective I mean the natural world as a whole.

Our ‘work’ will become linked to this as our survival and ultimately our flourishing depends on it.


Sarah Hindle

General Manager, Tech Futures lab

Where could
this programme take you?

On a journey of discovery, curiosity, joy and impact.

We created this course with the journey rather than a fixed destination in mind.  Its purpose is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to lead culturally-responsive and future-focused initiatives  in increasingly complex, ambiguous and technologically-advanced environments. The secret is to understand global and societal shifts, digitalisation, innovation and what makes you hum and then use all your knowledge, talent and technical confidence to make that hum resonate with as many others as possible.

This programme could also be a stepping stone to further postgraduate study. In particular, eligible candidates can cross-credit 30 credits of this postgraduate qualification to the first two courses of our Master of Technological Futures.  


The possibilities are endless.

Programme structure

Our Postgraduate Certificate is split into two key phases.


1. Sense and Synthesise

  • Immersion in a world of new technology; evaluation of how business and society as a whole are interconnected; and reflection on unique, human perspective as an aid to solving challenges. 

  • Learn about everything from Artificial Intelligence to Internet of things, embed  learning in the context of Kaupapa Maori values. Understand innovation and how thinking differently creates impactful change.

  • Assessments, reports and a case study provide the opportunity to explore individual value in the digital economy and the potential to thrive in complex and constantly evolving environments.

2. Analyse and Develop

  • Build on knowledge and competency gained in Phase 1 to explore strategies that can lead positive change in communities, organisations and professions and ensure sustainability in a rapidly changing environment

  • Assessments, reports and a case study provide the opportunity to explore individual value in the digital economy and the potential to thrive in complex and constantly evolving environments.

To ensure that the Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy is relevant to an applicant, a brief Statement of Intent is needed in the application form.


If English is not the applicant's first language, applicants can provide evidence of English proficiency via Professional outputs in English language or through an approved  formal English test

At this time, we are only able to candidates who qualify as domestic students (NZ and Australian citizens and permanent residents).

Eligibility for admission

We value industry and real-world experience as highly as an academic record. No specific technical ability is required but you must demonstrate a willingness to learn 


To be admitted to this programme:

All applicants will have a recognised bachelor's degree and a minimum of two years' work experience OR equivalent professional experience.

NOTE: Equivalent professional experience will need to be evidenced and a short interview may be required to check that this programme is appropriate for the applicant..

Fees and scholarships

Domestic only

2020 fees: $5,980* (incl. GST)


*Applications received on or before the early bird cut off date receive a 10% discount. See dates below.

Student Loans 

StudyLink Student Loans are available. Depending on your study history, you may also be eligible for the Government's 'Fees Free' scheme.


For the January intake, we're offering scholarships for Maori candidates and Pacific candidates covering 50% of full tuition fees. 

Contact us for more information.

Key dates
10% Earlybird discounts close:

20 December 2019

Scholarship applications close:

14 January 2020

Programme starts: 

11 February 2020

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Tech Futures Lab is an education facility of The Mind Lab, a NZQA registered Tertiary Education Organisation under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. 

Candidates studying the Master of Technological Futures are enrolled with The Mind Lab which is approved by NZQA to award this qualification.