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Now is the time to gain insight and foresight into the nature of change, the future of tech and how to connect the dots with systems thinking. 

Tech Futures Lab connects industry experts with curious explorers, shedding light on opportunity and much-needed new ways of thinking and doing, all through an indigenous lens.


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Starts 8 September 2020


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We‘re all about sense-making and that begins with who we are.


We do not teach how to be a technologist. It is the tech environment that we explore - we understand it, how it works, what it influences, its impact, its shortfalls, the opportunities it opens up, the skills that will be needed to enhance it. We teach the ethics of tech; what it influences, what it relies on, what it replaces and how it connects.


We explore technology because it enables digitalisation and the future is digital. Our founder is a futurist. That’s pretty big. We teach what tech there is, what tech is coming, and then highlight skills gaps and opportunities that lie in those scenarios.


This is a dynamic, constantly evolving place. Courses shift to reflect workplace, technological and societal shifts. We present different scenarios, technologies and practices and then we test them and try them out to see if they fit with us. This is key. We examine, manipulate and evaluate. This practical approach to learning leads to confident and informed decision making.

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My why, was to elevate myself within my workplace. I’ve carved another option in terms of my career... It’s a great feeling of achievement.


Ellen Yan
Business Development Manager and Master's Graduate

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Tech Futures Lab is an education facility of The Mind Lab, a NZQA registered Tertiary Education Organisation under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. Candidates who are studying on a programme delivered by Tech Futures Lab are enrolled with The Mind Lab.