Reframe your biggest challenges as exciting opportunities

Tech Futures Lab is focused on supporting your business to instil a culture of innovation and help your teams to implement ideas that add value.

Our Approach

Our approach is to first ground your team in the fundamentals for innovation, equipping them with the skills and mindsets to assess and approach opportunities through an innovation lens. 

2020 revealed that the institutes of success can be overturned in a blink. Consumers are seeking ethical, trusted technology. Organizations must reconcile with the impacts limitless growth has brought to the planet. 

Investigate to understand

We look at emerging disruptors in your industry and unpack existing biases in your business. We challenge status quo mindsets and make room for new ways of thinking and operating. Together, we ask ‘who’ and ‘why’ before ‘what’ and ‘how’ when approaching challenges for your business.


Experiment to innovate

We help teams develop mindsets and protocol for experimentation to innovate, re-imagine possibilities, strategically prioritise ideas, prototype, test and learn.

Learn to apply. Apply to learn

We build confidence in your team and empower leaders with skills to sustain growth for your organisation.

Cultivate a culture of
exploration, creativity and innovation into your business

  • Re-connect your people to your company’s vision

  • Contextualise your vision within the disruptive forces that are impacting your industry.

  • Challenge existing mindsets and biases that maintain the status quo.


Innovation fundamentals

What will your business take away?

Participants will be equipped with a toolkit of innovation and problem exploring / solving frameworks that build confidence and expertise within your team.

Innovation as a service

  • Practice and apply new thinking frameworks

  • Reframe problem solving.

  • Start with who and why to explore problem areas and translate them into human-centric opportunity statements.

  • Ideate possibilities. Filter and prioritise solutions based on desirability, feasibility and viability. 

  • Explore, design and prototype solutions using contemporary frameworks.

What will your business takeaway?
Develop a roadmap for lean testing and implementation.

Employee Experience (EX) Design

  • Design workplaces that inspire teams.

  • Rethink your approach to meetings, recruitment, on-boarding, remote working, performance reviews, employee wellness and opening innovation networks.

  • Practice and apply new thinking frameworks.

What will your business takeaway?
  • New frameworks that facilitate reimagining, prototyping and testing alternative approaches.

  • A well developed employee experience strategy.

Customised Consultancy

We’ll assemble a dedicated project team to work with you in crafting tailored programmes to develop your workplace strategy and define your talent needs.

Learning Sprints

Learning Sprints are intensive, hands-on, applied learning that prepares individuals and teams for contemporary roles in the digital economy.
They are designed to build skills and proficiency that can be applied immediately to current roles and accelerate innovation within organisations.

Current short courses include:

  • Product Management

  • Cultivating contemporary workplaces​

Why work with us?

As technologists, researchers, and educators our approach puts people at the heart of everything we do. We’re not here to simply do a job; we share this expertise because we believe that everyone and every business can find fulfilment and a sense of value through contribution and involvement in innovative thinking. We’re excited by the potential that diversity of mindsets and experiences can bring to a business. Our satisfaction and fulfilment comes from helping businesses develop solutions that put people at the very core of their purpose.


Your co-creators

Richard Rowley

Innovation Advisor

Taurean Butler

Innovation Advisor

Peter Swanson

People & Culture Specialist

Felix Scholtz

Technology & Product Specialist

Melissa Jenner

Human Innovation Specialist

Who we work with


[The team] are now coming to us with new ideas and ways of doing things... There'll be benefit not just to the IT team but to the business as a whole. 

Steven Ongley

IT Manager, Waste Management

Become a business that inspires

If you’re ready to move beyond business as usual and box-ticking exercises, start a conversation with us today. We’ll assess the knowledge and skill gaps of your team and business to develop a customised approach that will support a transformation into an organisation that inspires. By implementing frameworks and work practices that foster innovation, you’ll create teams that value ideas, encourage collaboration and in turn promote wellbeing and fulfilment for your people.


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Tech Futures Lab is an education facility of The Mind Lab, a NZQA registered Tertiary Education Organisation under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. Candidates who are studying on a programme delivered by Tech Futures Lab are enrolled with The Mind Lab.