Make innovation part of your organisation's DNA

Accelerate your product or service development methods.

Succeed through technology.

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Driving Innovation Programme

Designed to support a business to increase the pace of innovation by changing its product or service development methods.

Customised to a business's specific market and product or service, this programme accelerates the commercialisation of innovation and embeds learning into the business.

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Who’s it for?

The programme is designed for businesses who want to learn and apply contemporary product or service development processes within an organisation.

To find out if you're eligible check the FAQ section below or contact us.

Where Tech Futures Lab comes in

Many businesses use traditional, well-established methodologies to develop new products and services. In an increasingly complex, fluid and challenging environments this approach is not keeping pace.

Tech Futures Lab brings experts in agile business methodologies and the adoption of new technologies and contemporary knowledge to you. We work with
start-ups right through to New Zealand's largest and most established organisations. In our Auckland-based facility we provide an immersive environment for you to be part of. 

While we have deep expertise in emerging and disruptive technologies, we take a lo-fi approach and encourage 'failing fast' to minimise over-investment in things that aren't going to stick. 

How it works

The 43-week programme is comprised of four key phases and a total of 200 hours total contact time.
Each phase is designed to embed contemporary product and service development methods into your organisation’s DNA and ultimately increase the probability of success of products and services in-market.

Discovery and planning

3 weeks, 30hrs contact time


In the first phase you will establish a platform for change and create a visual plan which contextualises where your organisation is today, its desired state, and its path to reach it.


You will be introduced to innovation fundamentals and how to identify which ideas to take through the process.


12 weeks, 110hrs contact time


This phase is all about application.


In deep-dive sessions and live tests, your team will develop skills, capability and knowledge to rapidly validate ideas and de-risk for future phases by applying robust innovation governance practices.


16 weeks, 50hrs contact time


With active coaching support, your Internal Champion will transfer newly-established skills and frameworks to the broader business.


In this phase we focus on improving efficiencies, productivity and culture.


12 weeks, 10 hrs contact time


In phase four we consolidate new thinking, see uplifts in capability and expand business network through exposure to our wide industry circle.


Your exit plan will be finalised to support new working practices and continue trajectory.

Active monitoring and progress is tracked across the phases through coaching, robust feedback, testing, learning and reporting.
Access to our eLearning platform supports ongoing capability building.

Our experts

Everything we do, we do with a 360 degree view of the current and future business landscape.​
We tackle the most significant business trends, work with experts and thought-leaders from every industry, and have purpose-built headquarters in the heart of Auckland.

Our core team brings decades of experience and expertise in business and innovation.
The team will guide and advise you on our journey.

"What’s standing out for me is not one specific thing but the ability that the Tech Futures Lab team has to create a very professional learning environment that is stimulating, fast-paced and relevant.”

Madelize Bekker, EduMaxi ‎Founder


How much does it cost?

The Driving Innovation programme is 40% co-funded by Callaghan. Eligible businesses pay $24,000 +GST

What is the eligibility criteria?

To qualify for the programme your business must be established and growing with 20+ full-time employees. Local and central government agencies (not including Callaghan Innovation) are not eligible for co-funding to participate in the programme.

How do I get started?

Contact us for more information, and to book a time to speak with one of our team.

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Tech Futures Lab is an education facility of The Mind Lab, a NZQA registered Tertiary Education Organisation under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. Candidates who are studying on a programme delivered by Tech Futures Lab are enrolled with The Mind Lab.