Thriving in an age of technology-driven change isn’t (ironically) about the technology. It's about culture, which means it's about people. We can help your business become change-ready.

People are your
most powerful resource 

Our skill lies in helping you to unleash your organisation’s latent innovation talent.


It’s about:

  • Cultivating a growth mindset

  • Building confidence with contemporary methodologies, such as design and systems thinking

  • Preparing the ground so that it’s open to new ideas.

  • Unleashing your organisation’s latent innovation talent

  • Breaking out of silos and hierarchies and working collaboratively in diverse, cross-organisational teams

It starts with a conversation

Some organisations know they need to make changes to rise to future challenges but don’t know where to start. Others think they’re on the right track - perhaps they’ve even found ‘a solution’ - but interrogating that solution reveals bigger issues that must be addressed.


We’re very good at asking ‘Why?’ and getting to the heart of your organisational challenge - to the place where tangible and sustainable change can happen. We widen the lens - so you can see your organisation in the context of major global trends: demographic, social and environmental, disruptors or emerging technologies in your sector, new business models. Then, you can identify what’s really important.

Isn’t this just
change management?

No. We’re change coaches, not change managers. Shifting your organisation from one mode to another is too slow for the pace of change you’ll be facing - and frequently only semi-successful, as the focus is on changing processes not mindsets. Change management gets you from A to B. Change coaching gets you from a to wherever you want or need to go. We’re not about solving your problems but getting your people to solve them. We help you build sustainable, in-house innovation skills, agility and capabilities for continuous learning.

About us

Established by education futurist Frances Valintine (CNZM), Tech Futures Lab is New Zealand’s only privately-owned graduate school, specifically designed to prepare people and organisations for the future of work. We don’t want New Zealand businesses to survive technology-driven change. We want you to thrive.


Our approach is based on robust, evidence-based knowledge. We’re about empowering organisations to create change that sticks; with no lag; no prerequisite investment in software or tools. We make agility part of your organisational DNA.

Our team

Sarah Hindle 

General Manager

Priti Ambani 

Director of Innovation

Rich Rowley

Innovation Advisor

What will this look like for my organisation?

That will depend on your objectives. Making things happen means moving beyond quick fixes, one-size-fits-all solutions and box-ticking exercises. We will tailor-make an approach to suit your needs.


If you’re serious about driving change, let’s start the conversation.


[The team] are now coming to us with new ideas and ways of doing things... There'll be benefit not just to the IT team but to the business as a whole. 

Steven Ongley

IT Manager, Waste Management

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Auckland 1023

New Zealand


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Tech Futures Lab is an education facility of The Mind Lab, a NZQA registered Tertiary Education Organisation under the provisions of the Education Act 1989. 

Candidates studying the Master of Technological Futures are enrolled with The Mind Lab which is approved by NZQA to award this qualification.