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*Pending NZQA approval

Data is the currency of the digital economy. The insight it can provide offers great advantage to those who know how to master it. Our world is moving at a speed where nearly anything can be continuously digitally connected. Now, more than ever, the opportunities made available by these connections is revolutionising our homes, our workplaces and our cities.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments* will support you to master this specialised art of data analytics, apply it in your field of expertise using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and harness the insights gathered to create value and better outcomes, everyday.

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This Postgraduate Certificate programme is pending approval from NZQA, but we anticipate the first intake for this programme will be in September 2020.


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Know the tech

Get to grips with IoT technologies, machine learning and automation that enable information gathering and sharing.

Identify opportunities

Use data science and insight to spot potential gains in productivity, improvements in efficiencies and better customer experiences.

Create value

Meld technology, insight and your business needs to develop stronger resilience in the way you plan.

A connected world

A Connected Environment is a digital ecosystem, designed to support continual improvement through constant data collection, analysis and insight. The environment can be as minute as a fitness tracker connected to your smartphone, and as large and physically disparate as commercial farming, freight logistics or entire city infrastructure.

Connected Environments pull together the emerging technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), harness information gathered from these inputs and connect and analyse them to enable improved efficiencies, smarter conveniences, streamlined production and faster, more informed decision making. 

IoT – a huge opportunity for New Zealand

Take a look at how companies and countries are leveraging IoT to innovate and solve challenges.

Read the New Zealand IoT Alliance report on the state of IoT now and our opportunities ahead.

What will I learn?

This Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments* is not only about getting to grips with the technologies. Expert facilitators will coach you to identify opportunities that will create value by delivering more informed decision-making insight, resulting in better outcomes.

  • Understand enabling technologies, integrations and compounding effects. Find out what’s possible when you layer up IoT with automation, robotics and machine learning.


  • Identify the real world, relevant opportunities in your business context or area of expertise. Highlight the sticky points and inefficiencies that would benefit and improve outcomes when part of a Connected Environment.


  • Gain insight into the power your data analytics can provide. Learn how to use information real time to improve the current situation and gain the ability to forecast and plan for new innovations.


  • Apply sound data governance and continual improvement methods. Take on board the guardianship role information gathering requires and learn key methods for robust data protection.

Online learning with TFL is nothing like online learning with other universities. I’m used to long, boring online classes with little interaction and dull slides, but the TFL experience is a million years better. Classes are well-paced, with breaks that actually give you time to reflect on your learnings. And being able to see the faces of all the other students during the class really engages elevates the collaborative potential of the class.

Nicole Barnett, student, Master of Technological Futures, Gen10 (2020)

Learn live-online from wherever you are

At Tech Futures Lab, we deliver all our programmes in live-online facilitated classes. The learning experience is interactive, engaging and immersive and tailored to accommodate the differences in an online environment. 


Proposed programme structure

A 32-week programme* delivered live-online, supported by our custom built learning management system and suite of leading communication and collaboration tools. You’ll be exposed to and get insight from leading industry experts who are at the forefront of this technological communication revolution.


The Postgraduate Certificate is split into two phases. Phase one helps to lay the knowledge foundation that you’ll then apply in phase two.

Phase one: Discover
16 weeks
Learn about the devices, data and IoT systems that make up Connected Environments. Gain an understanding of the value in integrations with other disruptive tech like automation, machine learning and AI. Critically evaluate the application in your field of expertise and assess the value opportunity*.
Phase two: Apply
16 weeks
Design, deliver and apply IoT systems in a connected environment within the context of your professional field or area of expertise. Apply business modelling and develop management structures for IoT systems. Develop a project plan or proposal for strategic vision and implementation relevant to your context*.

*Pending NZQA approval.

Course details

This Postgraduate Certificate programme is currently pending approval from NZQA. Register your interest to receive an update when the programme is approved to apply for enrolment. 


Delivered fully online in real time scheduled classes using leading communication and collaboration tools.

Join a Virtual Open Lab

Your chance to find out more detail about the programme and meet some of the team, virtually.

Next open lab: Tues 4 August 4.30pm - 5.15pm. Register now.

Proposed start date

September 2020


32 weeks, part time

Programme type

Postgraduate, Level 8, 60 credits


Calling all analytical minds

The applications of Connected Environments are far-reaching and have potential to deliver positive enhancements for nearly every sector and industry. Ideally suited, but not limited to, professions across:  

   - Engineering    

   - IT and information systems  

   - Operations and Logistics    

   - Strategic planning    

   - Design and communication


The most important factor you have is an analytical mind and the desire to continually improve how things are done. You’ll love data, the detail but also the big picture.

You’ll likely already be an expert in your own field. You’ll draw on your experience and detailed understanding of the business needs, systems and frameworks you operate in, to overlay strategies that capitalise on the opportunities Connected Environments can offer.


It’s not important to know what solution you’re after – in fact, it's better to come with an open mind, a set of challenges you’re wanting to overcome and a vision of what success looks like for you.

We’re all learning together

Our approach to learning is founded in collaboration and community. After all, no person is an island. We thrive and get energy when we can share and learn from others, including our students. We create opportunities in your learning experience to connect, build community and gain insight from our extensive network of industry-leading experts and futurists.


If like us, you’re committed to a positive future, fueled by fresh regenerative thinking, this is the place for you.


An investment in your future

An investment in this programme will help put you at the forefront of your industry and open up opportunities to develop and implement digital innovations in your field of expertise.


Proposed Fees
$5,980* (incl. GST)

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Entry Requirements

Designed for professionals, but suitable for anyone with an analytical mind and a desire to do things smarter.


  • We value industry and real-world experience as highly as an academic record. You'll need to  provide a personal statement of intent – you can do this via letter or video.


  • A recognised bachelor's degree and a minimum of two years' work experience OR equivalent professional experience.​​


  • Qualify as domestic student (NZ and Australian citizens and permanent residents).

*Pending NZQA approval.

Connected Environments can provide deeper actionable insight and influence the way we think and plan for the future. This has the potential to transform the way we work and live to be more sustainable, regenerative and considered.


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