The Circular Economy Briefing  Friday 22 February

We live in a throw away, consumable world. This can’t continue. 
We are running out of resources. We are being overwhelmed by plastics and landfill. Conscious consumerism is on the rise.  Smart businesses have to look at sustainable alternatives that 
benefit their business, people and the planet.


What is the circular economy and
how can it help?

At its core, the Circular Economy about transitioning to a zero waste society. It’s about realising the potential of the things we have - in both the natural and technical flows of the economy. 


An alternative to the traditional linear economy, it means resources are in use for as long as possible and the maximum value is extracted from them while in use. Recovery and regeneration of products and materials at the end of life is key. 


Innovative use of emerging technology like Blockchain, AI, Robotics are central to an effective circular economy.

Who should attend the briefing

If you are looking for solutions that solve environmental challenges of waste, carbon and pollution, want to disrupt ‘business as usual’ within your organisation and are seeking a cutting edge, future-focused framework to do this, then this briefing is for you.


It has been created for a broad range of disciplines from business leaders to innovators, scientists, citizen activists, waste industry and packaging experts, designers, agencies, marketers and sustainability professionals.

The Agenda

Circular Economy Strategist and Founder of Circularity, Louise Nash and Tech Futures Lab’s Champion of Change, Rich Rowley will deliver an insight-packed briefing outlining circular design principles that can be directly applied to your project, brand or business.

The briefing: Disrupting BAU (Business as Usual)
  • The environmental impact of BAU - the case for disruption

  • Introduction to the Circular Economy, its two economic flows and core principles

  • How this systems approach can solve the challenges of BAU, such as waste and the environmental impact of resource use

  • The role of emerging technology to scale solutions and the new business models being explored around the world

  • The framework for disruption - Circular by Design and its six methods of redesign

  • How this framework can apply to a ski hill, a restaurant, food and beverages and more

  • A facilitated co-design session to work through a product redesign

Sector spotlight: The radical redesign of packaging to reduce environmental impact
  • How can radically design our way out of the packaging crisis?

  • Demystification and simplification of the packaging crisis - what are the challenges and opportunities?

  • The difference between bioplastics, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Which option is best?

  • The latest research on viable pathways for packaging waste in New Zealand and around the world, with a focus on food and beverages

  • Global and local examples of brands reducing the impact of their current packaging and how they are engaging customers along the way

  • A facilitated working session to redesign the current packaging of a range of brands to become circular


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  • Gain perspectives on the 'circular advantage' for your business or brand with innovative business models and technologies that create value

  • Develop clear understanding of circular design principles to apply to your project, business, brand or organisation

  • Understand circular packaging solutions and solution pathways for current challenges

  • Be inspired to make a difference in the work you do and receive a framework to achieve the change you want to see

  • Network with like-minded people to develop a circular mindset

Friday 22 February

8:00am-10:00am (Part one)

10.30am-12:30pm (Part two)

Early bird rate (until 15 February)

$149 (incl GST) - Briefing only: Part one - disrupting BAU

$249 (incl GST) - Full package: Part one + Sector Spotlight workshop on packaging


General ticket prices

$199 (incl GST) - Briefing only: Part one - disrupting BAU

$299 (incl GST) -   Full package: Part one + Part two (Sector Spotlight workshop on packaging)

About Louise / Circularity

Louise is an award-winning Chief Strategy Officer with a deep understanding of human behaviours, brands and the role human-centered design plays in unlocking innovation. As part of her Master of Technological Futures degree, Louise developed a methodology to help businesses make the transition
to circular with six powerful methods drawn from leading circular thinkers around the globe. In 2018 she founded Circularity, a consultancy
committed to helping businesses unlock circular solutions to achieve
people and planet prosperity. She will be sharing her methodology and learnings from working with companies like Ecostore as well as
current developments in the scientific world.

It is my personal mission to unlock the circular mindset in as many organisations as I can so that we can redesign our way out of the environmental crisis we collectively face - Louise Nash

About Rich / Tech Futures Lab

Rich Rowley is the Innovation Advisor to Tech Futures Lab and our resident Champion of Change. Rich specilises in challenging and disrupting the status quo. He is an expert in systems and design thinking, agile methodologies and building innovation capability with in teams and business. He is on a personal crusade to make the world a better place so the circular economy is a topic he is particularly passionate about. 

Rich's background is in law and education and he holds a Master of Science (Computing) from Keele University in the UK.


Please contact us at Tech Futures Lab to let us know how we can make this event accessible to you. We currently do not have wheelchair access, however please let us know in advance of the event and we will do everything we can to accommodate you (this could include recording the event and making it available to you afterwards).


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