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"My core focus is about creating happiness in the IT support experience by using AI. Imagine calling your service provider to get something fixed and instead of frustration, you experience some happiness! Aportio wants to change how you feel in these interactions, for the better.”


Chong has been passionate about technology his whole life. As a kid he dismantled his Texas Instruments ‘Speak and Spell’ to see the voice inside and at the tender age of 14 he was programming on some of the earliest personal computers (Commodore PET).


Chong is currently Chief Digital Officer at Aportio Technologies and responsible for customer engagement and shaping the company’s technology roadmap through product development. Aportio delivers cloud-based ICT support solutions on subscription to help businesses scale and compete globally. 


Chong joined Aportio from Datacom (and prior to that, the multi-national Dimension Data), where he ran the technology provider’s enterprise and commercial cloud business across the country. He has over 30 years industry experience, building impressive capabilities across platforms and service delivery disciplines, making him an expert at aligning IT services with business needs.With a talent for bridging departmental and business unit gaps, moving easily between the operational/technical detail and the overarching strategic vision, Chong is a creative yet pragmatic problem solver and a great communicator, fluent in sophisticated IT-speak but able to translate it into plain English with ease.


Chong’s current focus and pleasure is to bring positive emotion into the design of products and services: “Will it make you happier? How?’’


Ground Floor
99 Khyber Pass Road

Grafton, Auckland 1023

New Zealand


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