Connected Environments - Travel Scholarship

The 2021 Travel Scholarship is intended to support students from outside of Auckland (North of Whangarei, South of Waikato region and South Island) to study in the Connected Environments. This is in recognition of the increased cost of travel in 2021 and other Covid-related impacts on individuals and families' ability to invest in the study.

Terms and Conditions 


  1. The Travel Scholarship of $700 (incl. GST) will be awarded to those applicants who enrol in the Postgraduate Certificate in Connected Environments and who are for the time of their study based outside the Auckland Region (North of Whangarei, South of Waikato region and South Island).

  2. The scholarship will be allocated on a ‘first in, first served’ basis, based on the completion of enrolment requirements and confirmation of acceptance into the programme following the interview process. 

  3. Travel Scholarships cannot be awarded in conjunction with the Maori and Pacific Ako Scholarships. Travel Scholarships can be awarded in conjunction with the 25% Early Bird partial refund of fees. 

  4. If awarded a Travel Scholarship, it is expected that students enrolled in the PGCE must attend 4 face to face sessions during the course of their study workshops in Auckland, unless Covid-19 restrictions prevent travel. 

  5. Travel Scholarships for future intakes are not guaranteed and will be at the sole discretion of Tech Futures Lab. 

  6. Scholarship allocations are subject to change. A final decision on allocations is at the sole discretion of Tech Futures Lab. 

  7. In case of withdrawal at any stage or failure to complete the programme, the recipient will be liable to reimburse the full amount of the scholarship if withdrawal is within 10% of the immersion phase and an adjusted amount depending on the courses that the student has completed.

  8. The Scholarship will not show on the online application but will be applied to the invoice once the student has submitted their application and has been accepted into the programme.

  9. Fees Free students should contact for a discussion on how their allowance if awarded will be transferred.

  10. The scholarship amount will be applied at invoicing, as a sum of $700 (incl. GST).


Any questions regarding this travel allowance


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