Amanda is the author of a very accidental career, loosely driven by a love for words. Somehow, this has been her ticket into various roles for which she has only been vaguely qualified and has survived by cultivating a knack for dumb questions.

Working in various comms and marketing roles and freelance since 2004, Amanda has applied her word-wrangling abilities in the education, health, engineering, science and agricultural sectors. She has also co-written her first feature film script, which looks like it’s going into production in 2019 and has a couple more in the pipeline. She chairs the Waikato Kindergarten Association, where she has learnt a lot about helping organisations adapt to change.

Once upon a time, Amanda got a BA (1st class honours) in English Literature from Otago University and just figured everything else out from there. As a curious generalist, early gig economy participant, tech fan and sustainability fiend, Amanda feels well prepared for the future of work. Just as well, says her bank manager.


22 McColl Street


Auckland 1023

New Zealand


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